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GPS Enabled Inhalers About to Hit the Market?

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It's a little friend asthmatics know all too well: the faithful, tiny, inhaler. Sometimes quite literally a life saver, most asthma sufferers have one and go through three or four a year. Now, in addition to allowing them to breathe, a scientist wants to use them to figure out why we get...

Why Did Flip Get Killed By Cisco?

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Flip owned 35% of the camcorder market, which it took over in just a few years. It was incredibly popular, and still is, selling heavily on Amazon. Then it was bought by Cisco, and now they're taking the technology and shutting down the company, and in the process, killing off the next great...

One Step Closer to Google Music?

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One thing Google doesn't have, that Apple and Amazon, their current competition, do have, is a music store. Google will help you find music to buy, but you can't buy music from them. Sure, Google bought a music service, but it seems up in the air as to what that service will actually be...

The Eco Extreme to Nature: STFU!

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One thing I think most reasonable human beings can't stand is when some jackass gets on the bus with his cell phone and starts playing his music over the tinny little speaker. It's annoying, it's invasive, and inevitably his taste in music sucks (at least listen to some Mos Def, suburban white...