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A Little Longer on iPhone 3.0

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Though many are waiting with bated breath for the newest iPhone release, an article by Gadget Lab indicates that it's unlikely the new operating system will be ready for release at next week's World Wide Developers Conference. It appears that the completion of the 3.0 system hinges on a new...

Google Squared Now Live in Beta

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Google Squared has officially entered the picture and is now available to test out. The premise of the search is that it offers a neat and tidy table of results for your search term. The results include a variety of facts and attributes pulled from the web. Essentially, it's an attempt to...

YouTubeXL: Streaming Video for Your TV or Console

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After dropping two bills on that sleek, shiny plasma television, your first instinct probably isn't to see what kind of mindless drivel you've missed out on all afternoon on YouTube. However, once you tire of summer repeats, "celebrity" reality shows and four and half hour baseball games tied at...