One thing Google doesn’t have, that Apple and Amazon, their current competition, do have, is a music store. Google will help you find music to buy, but you can’t buy music from them. Sure, Google bought a music service, but it seems up in the air as to what that service will actually be doing.

Well, courtesy of their dev blog, we just got a hint.

OK, so the posting itself is boringly technical and seemingly innocuous. It’s just detailing that now, instead of billing directly to your credit card, Android app developers can set up apps to bill your cell phone carrier. Not a big deal. They’ve had it on T-Mobile and a few other networks for a while, and are just rolling it out on Sprint. So what?

Well, aside from giving app developers another way to collect their cash, which is always welcome, it means Google is slowly expanding and developing ways to make small payments through various means, including the carriers.

That’s kind of a clue that they have something else they’d like you to make small payments on. Nothing’s definite, but don’t be surprised if there’s an Android music store this time next year.