So, Windows 8 is in beta testing, and, almost inevitably, it has escaped from the beta lab and is rampaging across the wilderness, eating sheep and terrifying farmers…oh, wait, that was our genetic experiment.

No, it’s just hanging out on torrents, saying “‘Sup?” and getting downloaded by the curious to see how it’s different from Windows 7. So far, survey says…not that different!

As we don’t want to deal with a swarm of lawyers flying on their bat wings from Redmond to land on our roof and start throwing subpeonas and poo, we won’t be posting any of the leaked screenshots, but we’ll be happy to somebody who will. In short, it’s what you expect from a non-major change in Windows: same basic interface, same basic functions, plus some frillery and puffery that isn’t remotely necessary, but makes the OS look cool and helps you justify paying $100 for some software that really should have gone to an iPad or something.

The big news is that Windows is including an App Store, which will no doubt lead to even more “look and feel” jokes. Beyond that, well, it’s Windows. We’re not really sure what we’re supposed to get excited about here. Maybe it comes on a tablet?