This is why I love my job: I can write headlines like this, because they are absolutely 100% true. DARPA wants to give one guy, on the ground, some fancy sunglasses that he will use to call in airstrikes. Suck on that, Call of Duty.

Also, are they for sale?

Here’s the deal: DARPA, of course, is the Pentagon’s absolutely insane research department. These are the guys building flying submarines, cars for the blind, and homing bullets (no, seriously: they are literally working on every single one of those projects). They want to be able to x-ray continents. They’re turning cockroaches into cyborgs. They’re above the law, have a huge amount of money, and are awesome and scary all at once.

So, when told to figure out a way to make calling in airstrikes a simple process with no paperwork and even fewer civilian casualties, DARPA has come back with goggles that overlay a map and other information onto the user’s visual field, allowing one guy to pick a target and send that target to the drone.

It’s still in testing stages, but one guy with airstrike power seems to me a little too conservative. Let’s give every soldier on the ground airstrike power. Why mess around? Airstrike goggles for everybody!