If you’re an Apple user, you’re probably familiar with Mobee’s technology already. Mobee makes inductive chargers for all sorts of gear, but really blew up when they made an inductive charger for Apple’s Mighty Mouse, which always was kind of a pain to recharge. Mobee solved that problem, and now they’re about to make life even easier for Apple users.

They’ve got a charger coming for Apple’s wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad. If you’ve used the things, you’re already cheering, because they eat batteries like some sort of Battery Monster. But even better is the design.

Mobee has constructed a bar-like device that connects to both the keyboard and the trackpad to charge them both while keeping them usable during their powering up, unlike other chargers we’ve seen. This alone makes it worth it, but it gets better.

The setup is incredibly simple and takes less than a minute: you just slide it onto the keyboard, plug the Magic Bar into a USB port, and you’re done.

What we really like about this is how green it is. You save batteries, you save money, you save time, you don’t even need an AC adapter, and you can even recycle it if you need to. Pretty much perfect for techies and greenies alike.