There’s an arms race going on in displays right now. Samsung and LG are competing with each other to create the biggest, brightest transparent screen possible, complete with touch capability. They look awesome, they perform exactly how you’d want them to, they are full HD, and you will never be allowed to own one.


Because they’re being developed for advertisers, not for home use. Which is a bit like a weapons manufacturer admitting “Yeah, we’re designing this to be used for pretty much pure, unmitigated evil. It even has a “kill parents and make new orphans cry over their corpses” button. So what?”

We all know what these displays will be used for. If we’re lucky, they will have annoying dancing cartoon characters to entertain children while pointing you towards your hotel. If we’re unlucky, Fruity Oaty Bars and Blade Runner will be prescient.

What’s frustrating is how awesome these displays are. Oh, sure, they’re ungodly expensive. They’re enormous touchscreens, which only became cheap enough for large corporations to consider using huge ones thanks to the iPad driving down costs. Still, that they’re being shown at all, and then to be told they’ll be used to sell beer, is just aggravating. At least think about a consumer model, guys.