Remember when “Doom” was the killer app for computers and for keeping you from killing your coworkers in the real world? And then “Doom II” came out and pretty much ruined American productivity for a year? Hard as it is to imagine now, “Doom” was a huge phenomenon; there were even people pretending to suffer from DAS, “Doom Addiction Syndrome”.

Of course, since them Doom’s been ported to everything with a processor remotely capable of supporting it (even calculators and digital cameras), but now we have the most glorious port imaginable….Doom on an eReader

Since the page is in Russian, we have absolutely no idea what it’s actually saying. Probably some jibber-jabber about processors and compression and how hard it was to fit an early ’90s FPS onto something designed to read books.

Just go straight for the video embed, which shows all the Doom you can handle on the eReader. It’s the most hilariously ridiculous thing you’ll see today.

From what we can tell, this eReader won’t ship with Doom II bundled, which is a real shame. But at least we know it’s possible, and that the nameless space marine spending all that time gunning down demons still has some life left in him yet.