So, you’ve got a lot of photos, music, movies, and other digital media you’ve acquired via absolutely legitimate means with no torrents whatsoever. Now you’re faced with a problem: you would like to share this material with your friends, but remote PC login is a pain in the butt.

Buffalo feels your pain: that’s why they made the CloudStor.

The Cloudstor uses PogoPlug software, a popular media-sharing and streaming setup, and is configured and used via a browser. All you have to do is plug it in, connect it to the Internet, and upload your media to it. Then, you just log in from any computer, and it streams media to you.

If this sounds like a fairly simple solution using network attached storage…well…that’s pretty much exactly what it is. Where the CloudStor stands out is really in how that solution is implemented. It has a terabyte drive already installed on shipping, and there’s a second drive bay if you have that much media. The PogoPlug software is simple. It even installs and configures in a browser, no driver disk required. In short, it’s pretty much perfect for most people’s needs.

It’s an ideal gift for somebody who has dozens of DVDs they haven’t backed up yet, and need to be able to watch anywhere. Or, you know, for the person who has way too many dirty movies. There’s that market too.