Did you want to get an iPhone from AT&T with a shorter contract, the sooner to jailbreak it? Or maybe you just don’t want a contract with AT&T, but do want an iPhone? You’re going to pay for the privilege.

Granted, AT&T has never been really possessed of much in the way of common sense, but this move seems custom made to drive customers into Verizon’s loving arms. How much is it going to cost you?

$50 for all smartphones off-contract, and a wince-inducing $150 for those with a one-year contract. So basically if you were hoping to upgrade to a better phone for a minimal cost, AT&T just hawked a big ol’ loogie right in your eye.

AT&T is playing the “Hey, subsidizing these things costs a lot” card, which would be fair if the timing of this didn’t stink to high heaven. If that were really the case, why does it apply to the iPhone 3GS? You just cut the subsidized cost of that to $49, AT&T. Don’t tell us that’s started costing more, not with the iPhone 4 on the market.

No, this makes us think they wanted to convince iPhone customers to sign for two years just to save some money up front. Yeah, good luck with that.