Hey, remember when we used to store our information on magnetic media surrounded by a plastic shell?


I feel old now.

Anyway, the external hard drive has, along with the Flash drive, been our faithful friend. And like all technological faithful friends, it has been getting ever smaller and ever larger in capacity. But Seagate’s latest drive might just take the cake.

As you can tell from the photo, the drive is tiny. How tiny? It’s literally the thickness of a pencil. Even better, though, is what’s under the hood.

320GB of storage may not be huge in the scheme of things, but it’s a lot of room on a little drive, especially considering we’re getting into flash drive territory with that size. Even better, it runs on USB 3.0 and can hit speeds of up to 40MB/sec when transferring to and from a USB 3.0 enabled computer.

Best of all is the cost; a drive you can fit in a shirt pocket used to cost a fortune, back in the day (there I go, feeling old again). Now it’s $99.

Yeah, you have absolutely no excuse whatsoever not to be carrying around a backup of your important materials now. Get over it and make a backup, bunky.