The boom box was an ’80s cultural icon. Either you shut out the world with a Walkman, or blasted your music everywhere with a boom box. OK, so a lot of guys with boom boxes were basically being jerks, but it helped to spread hip-hop and propagate mixtape culture in the ’70s and ’80s, so they were a good thing in that respect. And, now, after years of iPods and dweebs playing their music over tinny cell phone speakers, TDK is bringing them back.

The first, striking thing about these are the design, courtesy of design house Ziba. These aren’t your typical boom boxes by any means. They’re eye-catching, minimalist, and engaging.

The second surprising feature is the lack of formats: these are designed to have an iPod or other device plugged into them. No tape decks, no CD players, nothing: just the music in your pocket.

Beyond that, you have two classics, one stereo two-speaker and a three-speaker job with better bass response. Then there’s the Sound Cube, which is designed to fill rooms with music and thus has a speaker on three sides.

It may not bring back the days of a boom box on every shoulder, but it’s sure nice to have them back.