Netflix is a great service, and an extremely profitable one, raking in billions and building a stock price higher than the companies making the movies they sell. But it’s also been a limited service: it was only available in the US and Canada. Netflix always planned to expand someday…and someday could be coming a lot sooner than everybody thought.

Recent job postings like this one hint that Netflix is getting ready to take over the world, something that probably has studios nervous. Netflix has mentioned before plans to tackle Europe, then Asia, then the rest of the world, pretty much the order Hollywood views profitability. But these are the first signs that it’s going to move on those plans, and move quickly.

What does this mean? In the short term, not very much, just that our friends overseas will enjoy the same streaming that we do without having to use a proxy server. In the long term, it could knock down distribution barriers. Netflix is already acquiring content to distribute, and even making its own TV shows. This could mean worldwide distribution on a much cheaper and simpler scale than currently available…and that’s going to make a lot of sales agents and film executives very nervous indeed.