I’ve been using Apple products for two decades and buying them for myself for the last decade, and one thing I have learned, whether it’s the iMac dumping the floppy disk or Jobs deciding “No Flash for you!”, is that Apple just has to do something to make its products a pain in the butt to use in some respect. Any respect.

With the iPad, that apparently is USB connectors, because God forbid the $500 tablet computer has the same functionality as a netbook you can get from Best Buy. And HDMI can eat it too. Fortunately, the Japanese have our backs.

OK, so the solution, a two-in-one HDMI and USB hub that plugs into the dock connector, is unwieldy, expensive, and needs a mini-USB for you to plug it in so it doesn’t wipe out the battery. It’s also only available in Japan.

But still, it’s something. Apple doesn’t seem very excited to actually do something its customers would like, since every iPad owners has been screaming about the total lack of USB for, let’s see here, the iPad’s entire existence.

Come on, Jobs. If we’re reduced to buying bootleg adapters from Asia, it’s past time to solder a USB port in there. Just saying.