It may not to be a function that most Android users care about, but it’s something developers have been eagerly anticipating for months. No, not Google unlocking Honeycomb. No, not Google repairing Honeycomb from its painfully busted beta state. Nope, they’re finally ready to test…in-app billing.

OK, so Android developers being given more opportunities to take your money may not sound very exciting to anybody other than MMO developers, but it is actually fairly important.

Take one app you’ve probably played a lot: “Angry Birds”. At some point, you’ve probably been tempted to use the Bald Eagle to crush those stupid pigs once and for all. But that, of course, requires you to pay ninety-nine cents to do so. Instead of quitting out of the app, going to the store, finding the Bald Eagle, buying it, installing it, and restarting the game, you just go to the pause menu, buy the Bald Eagle and make yourself some pork cutlets.

It greatly streamlines the experience, obviously, but equally as importantly, it give developers the means and the motive to add revisions and new functionality to their apps, i.e. more software support. And that’s good for everybody.

Well, unless you’re the Oatmeal, but there’s only one of him, alas.