OK, so it has nothing whatsoever to do with cars. But visual puns are just too powerful to resist sometimes.

Kind of like ST Ericsson neat new charger. One of the big problems with the newer generation of gadgets is that they’re huge power sucks. And while they have the high-capacity batteries necessary to last more than ten minutes, those batteries still have to be charged, and there’s no quick way of doing that. This is due simply to how much charge you can get into a battery through a charger.

The PowerHUB addresses this problem with a brisk boot to the rear.

It’s a bit elaborate, and ST Ericsson can explain it better than us, but essentially, they’ve designed a new charger that is not only more efficient, it fits more power down the pipe.

How much more? A nice three amperes or so. You might remember that amps are much more important than volts when it comes to power; the more amps you can feed something, the more powerful it is, even at a lower voltage.

So, when your iPhone lasts for more than a day, these are the guys you should be thanking. We recommend buying them a nice song.