Quick, what’s Finnish, plug-in, and costs $88,000? If you said a night with Saana, boy, you’re creepy. As you might have guessed, we’re actually referring to the Fisker Karma, an American designed, Finnish built plug-in hybrid sports car, a field that’s been getting just a wee bit crowded lately.

So how does the Karma stack up? And does it run over any dogma?

In terms of sportiness, it leaves behind the Leaf and the Volt, which are really designed more for short trips in the suburbs or travel over urban areas; that’s more the province of Fisker’s Nina sedan, coming later this year. And it’s definitely got an eye-catching design, unique from the Tesla Roadster and Artega plug-in. It’d better, since Valmet, the construction firm, also puts together vehicles for Porsche. In fact this might be as close as we get to a Porsche plug-in for a while.

In terms of cost, it’s $88,000; way cheaper than the Tesla or Artega electrics. Unfortunately, there’s a reason for that: the Karma only has a fifty-mile range on electricity before the gasoline engine kicks in.

Yeah, it’s not exclusively electric, which is good in that you won’t get stuck and bad in that, well, it’s kind of disappointing. But, hey, it’s sportier than a Prius.

Wait, that’s not really saying music.