Fantasy baseball started out as a pastime for nerds, and has rapidly become an extremely popular pastime for nerds. For those unfamiliar, it involves selecting a bunch of real players and bashing their statistics together like a couple of action figures. It gets complex and almost as heated and violent as actual discussions about baseball. But one of the biggest problem is that you actually have to keep track of all those statistics, which is supposedly part of the fun.

Fortunately, Draft Kit is coming along to take some of the…”fun”…out of fantasy baseball.

Developed by Bloomberg Sports, Draft Kit 2011 syncs up with your fantasy drafts on ESPN, Yahoo!, and CBS; tracks available players in the draft; allows you to create multiple draft lists and actually develop a strategy for when your coworker snipes your best player, the bastard; and, of course, tracks the player statistics to help you make the best decisions. It even narrows down players by their role on the team to help you fill holes in your roster.

All of this seems like an awful lot of effort just to win a few bucks in the office fantasy pool, but, heck, Draft Kit only costs two bucks, and gloating lasts forever, it’s worth it.