Pretty much everybody is getting into the tablet game these days in the wake of the iPad actually making it a viable market. Samsung has the Galaxy Tab, Motorola is putting out the Xoom, and we’re sure there are a bunch of cheesy Chinese knockoffs coming as well. But one competitor people have been awaiting is Research In Motion and how they were going to respond to the tablet craze. Back in September, we found out it was going to be with the PlayBook, but we didn’t know when it was coming out.

Well, guess no more; it’s coming April 19th.

You can preorder through, ick, Best Buy or Futureshop if you happen to be in Canada. Or you can wait for day of release and buy it from some place that won’t try to upsell you with a useless protection plan.

Most notable is that RIM is at $500, the same price that the iPad starts at, and without having to get a cell-phone carrier to subsidize it either. In fact, RIM is sticking exclusively with Wi-Fi on this one, an interesting choice. $499 gets you 16GB of storage, but you can double that to 32GB for $599 or 64GB for $699. We’ll be curious to see how RIM does in this suddenly crowded market.