Google’s Nexus phone was a noble experiment in trying to break with the traditional model of “carrier sells you phone at a discount, locks you into agonizingly long contract” with “huge Internet company sells you phone at full price with its fancy new OS”. Unfortunately, the Nexus didn’t really stand out: it was an iPhone clone that just didn’t stand out from the pack, even with Google branding behind it.

All that is about to change.

Meet the Nexus S, Google’s next phone, and the changes are actually fairly significant and might be enough to make the Nexus a real competitor. It still runs Android absolutely stock and unmodified, of course, but is now on the Sprint network, probably because Deutsch Telekom decided to sell T-Mobile to AT&T.

The real news is what’s under the hood: there are two radios in that case. One’s your standard CDMA/EV-DO cell radio, and the other is…WiMax. Yes, WiMax. Toggleable, of course, for when you need battery power instead of high-speed browsing.

The phone will be manufactured by, who else, Samsung and will be hitting your local Sprint location this spring. You can find the full press release, and a few snarky comments about the Nexus’ brother coming soon, over on Engadget.