What with the Egyptian unrest, the Tunisian unrest, and the erupting civil war in India, dictators around the world have been a wee bit edgy. And nowhere is this truer than in China, which is trying to become as capitalist as quickly as possible without having all that pesky democracy and government accountability. And this, in turn, means it will confront yet again its most dangerous enemy: Google.

At issue is some GMail outages that Google claims the Chinese government is framing them for. You might remember that Google and the Chinese government had a very contentious relationship that ultimately ended with Google getting hacked and having source code stolen, and the Gmail accounts of Chinese dissidents being accessed. Google pulled stakes and went to Hong Kong, and they’ve been glaring at each other ever since.

Ever since a tyrant got overthrown by the direct action of the people, Google services have been oddly spotty in China. China, for its part, claims it’s got to be Google and it’s a total coincidence that anything about Egypt is being blocked and communications between citizens are being disrupted.

Sure it is. Boy, they’re really not used to trying to lie to people they can’t shoot, are they?