The Dell Streak has been fairly popular among people who want to pay cell phone companies for the Internet, but don’t want or can’t get an iPad. While it’s not the delicious Apple product that actually turned tablet PCs into something people actually cared about, it’s absolutely serviceable and at $200 with a service contract, it’s a decent price. But what if you don’t want to pay Verizon, T-Mobile, et. al. exorbitant sums for the Internet?

It looks like Dell has that base covered, too. This is less than surprising; even Apple launched a Wi-Fi only version of the iPad, a trend that it’s sticking to as most people buying an iPad can generally find a Starbucks nearby.

Most tablet makers are following suit; the Galaxy Tab from Samsung is rumored to have a Wi-Fi version on the way, and Motorola’s Xoom will also have a Wi-Fi version only, although it’ll probably continue to have an obscene price.

What’s a bit more surprising is that Dell, unlike the other manufacturers, has actually been able to crack Apple $500 price barrier and will, if an Amazon leak is any guide, offer the Streak for $400 or so. Depending on how it sells, the iPad might be just that much cheaper come the third version.