One of the more hilarious attempts by movie studios to keep physical DVD rentals relevant is demanding, and getting, current dominators of the home video field Netflix and Redbox to not feature their new releases for 28 days. That way, the studios think, people who didn’t bother to see their movies in the theater will run right out and buy them once they discover rentals aren’t available because of course if they don’t care enough to pay $11.50, they’ll care enough to pay $20 and TORRENTS DON’T EXIST LALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU!

Zediva plans to torpedo this.

How? Well, they buy the movie, put it in a DVD player, you rent the DVD player, and stream the movie from it. You have to do this over four hours, but otherwise, it’s basically a cross between Netflix and Redbox, only with new releases.

It’s already popular; their registration is currently full. But how legal is this, precisely? Isn’t there a little warning saying “this DVD is for private use only?” Well, yeah, there is, and it probably means Zediva will get shut down before too long.

But hey, until then, you can stream new releases! Hooray! Oh, wait, it’s Hollywood’s new releases. Yawn. What’s on Netflix?