Hey, remember when the Sidekick was hot? Man, back around 2002 that phone was absolutely everywhere. Whatever happened to it? Oh, right, Microsoft bought the parent company, which is usually the kiss of death for any hot product, and then Apple finished the homicide by making it irrelevant with the iPhone. You’d think the Sidekick would be dead. But, apparently, that’s totally wrong.

Samsung is bringing the brand back from the dead, and before you ask, yes, it will include a hardware keyboard. But, oddly, it will also include a touchscreen, so we guess it’ll be kind of like a MP3 download that comes with a CD; a modern technology paired with a curiously odd older and irrelevant one.

At least the operating system will be modern: the new Sidekick will be running Android, namely Froyo. It’ll have at least one camera, but there’s no word on video chat being in the cards. Naturally, it will be on T-Mobile, since AT&T and Verizon no doubt found the idea of carrying a Sidekick hilarious, and it’ll be running on a 4G network. It also has a “group text” feature, since there’s nothing like GroupMe to do that or anything. It hits stores this spring in black and “pearl magenta”.