Solar power is everywhere, just waiting to be utilized. But how do we use it? How do we take full advantage? Check out the video above, then read on, for some tips on using solar power while camping.


Arguably, the best part about camping is the escape from eye-scorching computer screens and carpal tunnel-inducing keyboards. But hey, Orange knows it’s hard to get away. The company’s Glastonbury Solar Concept Tent uses photovoltaic fabric to charge a flexible LCD screen and wireless Internet, presumably provided by a 3G data subscription. But that’s not all: “Glo-cation” technology allows campers to find their site via SMS messaging or RFID signal, lighting up the shelter like a beacon. Winter campers will delight in a ground sheet that heats automatically when temperatures fall below a certain level. Roughing it, this is not. [Orange via Gizmodo]

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