Stories of tech layoffs were a dime a dozen earlier this year, but there’s been some hope lately that it’ll all turn around soon. If HP is any indication, that’s not the case. The company’s profits fell 17 percent in the second quarter, and now it will slash 2 percent of the workforce, or roughly 6,420 people. As the New York Times notes, HP makes a pretty wide variety of products, so its performance can be viewed as a barometer for the entire tech industry. Out of its major divisions, notebooks saw the least decline, with sales falling by 13 percent compared to 28 percent for servers and storage, 23 percent for printers and related technology and 15 percent for software. I imagine HP’s netbooks are buoying the notebook category, but they only account for a small (but growing) share of the market. There’s always next quarter. [via NYTimes]