Nikon Entry-Level DSLR

This much we know for sure: Nikon is readying a big press event for April 14 in Austria, and they circulated the announcement to all the in-the-know photog press. Add fuzzy pictures from an apparent shoot in eastern Europe, combine with speculation, and now we’re looking at Nikon’s first-ever DSLR wih a swiveling screen. Maybe it’s an entry-level follow-up to the D60 with 720p video, or perhaps its a 16-megapixel D400 with CMOS sensor. It’s hard to know for sure — that’s why they have these press events after all — but at least we’ve got these pictures to gawk at. Apparently, they’re from the commercial Nikon will use to promote the product. We’ll find out soon enough. [Photography Bay and Engadget]