Opting to show off perky features like a “chiclet” keyboard and a touchpad that emits a “trail of progressively fading lights,” it seems Asus has gone superficial with its U and UX laptop lines, due in the second quarter this year. Descriptors such as “avant garde” and “immaculate” imply that you’ll spend as much time admiring these new machines as you will using them. Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor powers the U series, which also includes a 15.6-inch LCD screen, up to 500 GB of hard drive space, an NVIDIA GeForce G 105M graphics card and Altec Lansing surround sound speakers. It’s not as clear what’s going on under the UX series’ hood. We at least know it has an optical disc drive — for looking stylish while watching movies, no doubt. As for pricing, it’s totally not cool to reveal that right now. [via Engadget]