742 Lumens– that’s what you’ll be cutting through the shroud of night with when you’re using a Neofab Legion II.  While that number may not mean a lot to the layman, we can sum it up in one statement: this is the world’s brightest single LED flashlight. In addition to sheer brightness, the Legion II features single-finger switching for both on/off and multi-level dimming and new 4-layer PCB circuit board. Details like teflon bearings in the control ring keep this flashlight operating velvet-smooth. The Legion II was produced in a very limited first batch of 30. While the $295 might seem steep,  this is sure to be the coolest flashlight at the campsite. A less expensive, more mass produced aluminum version is also available for $179. The flashlight operates on 3 18650 lithium ion cells. [CPF Marketplace]