We’ve previously written about the Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle, which rides for 45 minutes on a single charge at up to 53 mph. Come May, you’ll actually be able to get one for just $12,000 if you’re near any of the five selected Best Buy locations to carry it. Eventually, the bike will come to all of Best Buy’s U.S. stores, plus some in Europe and China. Interestingly enough, Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher believes his company is selling a product that’s “a lot closer to consumer electronics than to transportation.” Best Buy’s Geek Squad will reportedly do smaller repairs — simultaneously a cool and terrifying concept — using the store’s garage bays that Bramscher says are “underutilized.” Bigger jobs will have to go to a distribution center. It’s not clear whether the Geek Squad will first slap on a $200 diagnostic fee and then decide the bike needs virus cleaning (and then use 2 hours of labor looking for homemade porn on your machine). [Greentech Media via Engadget]