The release of Ubuntu version 9.04, codenamed Jaunty Jackelope, is just around the corner with a scheduled April release, but work is already underway for version 9.10, known as Karmic Koala. As with previous versions, the Linux-based, community-developed operating system will come in two flavors: Desktop Edition and Server Edition. The former will likely top its predecessor’s targeted 25-second boot time and will integrate aspects of Intel’s Moblin platform to better work with Atom-based netbooks. There’s also a chance for the face browser, a nice little login feature that displays different users as graphical icons. The Server Edition will get more support for cloud applications in the form of Amazon Machine Image Profiles and Eucalyptus, a UCSB-developed project for elastic computing. The average computer user won’t notice… but it helps for the whole animal metaphor thing. [via Ars Technica]