Samsung appeases the treehugger set with the Blue Earth mobile phone. The first thing you’ll notice is its solar panel that provides enough charge to make a phone call in sunlight, but that’s not all. An “eco-mode” cuts down on unnecessary backlighting, brightness and bluetooth. The body is made of PCM — a plastic extracted from water bottles — and there are no harmful substances, such as Brominated Flame Retardants, Beryllium and Phthalatein, in the handset or charger. If all this doesn’t make you feel earthy enough, an “eco walk” app tells you how much CO2 you didn’t emit by walking instead of driving. There’s little else in the way of specs, but who cares? It’s green! Look for it in the UK during the second half of the year, price TBD. [Pocket-lint via Engadget]