Even if you’ve never given a presentation in your life, you have to admit there is something very cool about being able to whip your cell phone out of your pocket and get a 70-inch image on the wall in seconds. The newest player helping to make this a reality is the Explay Colibri projector module, to be officially launched at Mobile World Congress next week. The tiny module ( 24 x 28.6 x 7mm) draws just 1.3 Watts of power and can provide images in VGA, WVGA and SVGA resolutions with 10 Lm brightness, setting it up to be the smallest, least power-hungry, highest-resolution module available. One day, every junior high teacher in the country is going to have a dedicated desk drawer just to store confiscated devices with embedded Colibri modules. For now, the Colibri will be used in the newest Explay OiO mobile projector. [Boing Boing via Slash Gear]