Its a good day for America– and consequently, a good day for Google.  When history is made and the world is watching, Google provides counsel to the world’s great questions.  Today, millions of people across the globe asked google some rather topical questions: about where to watch the inauguration live online, about the transcript of Obama’s inauguration speech, about George Bush (and Bush’s daughters), about the list of U.S. Presidents and even about Dick Cheney’s wheelchair.  Taking a glimpse at google’s hot trends on a day like today reveals quite a bit about the web-wired world, and the queries behind it are nothing short of interesting.  We’d like to congratulate President Barack Obama and his family, and to the United States of America on our 44th President.  Here’s to a new chapter in American history…

  • Here’s a roundup of resources that we found relevant about the Inauguration of President Barack Obama:
  • The website has been given a makeover to reflect our the newly inaugurated President Obama []
  • YouTube has a collection of videos of Presidential Inauguration ceremonies throughout history thanks to CSPAN [youtube]
  • Google Maps has provided details about the Inauguration on its mapping service [googlemapsmania]
  • In case you missed President Obama’s Inauguration Speech, NPR has the transcript available, including photos [npr]
  • Our friends over at Digg have celebrated as well, giving the news of Obama’s Inauguration 12,000 diggs and counting [digg]
  • And finally, to see the searches behind this great day in American history, take a look at Google Labs’ Hot Trends Reports [google]