Ever since the 2nd grade, when I stared enviously across the reading group table at the kid with the calculator watch, I’ve had a thing for cool watches. Sometimes it’s pure style, and sometimes it’s bonus functions, but cool new watches always catch the eye. LG really upped the ante on what you can expect from wrist-wrapping gadgetry with its GD910, the world’s first 3G HSDPA wrist phone. This watch phone not only makes calls at the flick of your wrist, but they’re video calls to boot. The watch features a 1.43” LCD touch screen, Text-to-Speech function and MP3 player. Tell me this doesn’t look like the device to discuss classified matters of imminent world consequence. Luckily, no word of a self destruct function. When I get this, the kid with the calculator watch can eat it big time. For the time, however, it looks like it will be available only in Korean and European markets. [ubergizmo]