Got a date to deathmatch guys like Fatal1ty and Lil’ Poison? You’ll lose no matter what, but maybe Logitech‘s three new G series peripherals will give you a fighting chance. The G19 Keyboard ($200) has a 320×240 LCD screen that displays in-game information for over 60 titles, plus 12 programmable keys that hold up to three macros each. The G35 Surround Sound headset ($130) supports 7.1 channels of audio and sports a noise-canceling microphone. For advanced aiming and shooting, the G9x laser mouse ($100) can adjust between 200 and 5,000 dpi on the fly and can handle hand speeds of up to 150 inches per second. If you’re not going pro, at least you’ll be the envy of the LAN party. Look for the keyboard and headset in March and the mouse in April. [Logitech]