Gas Powered Party Blender (2 Stroke Engine)

It may not look pretty, but hell– this thing ain’t meant to look pretty.  Its meant to rip through ice cubes, mint leaves, liquor and sugar to make the ultimate gas-powered man mohito.  This Gas Powered Party Blender uses a 43cc 2-stroke engine, motorcycle handlebars and a solid metal frame to run an 85 oz. stainless steel blender.  With just the twist of a wrist, you’re churning up cocktails with the power of a minibike, the growl of a chain saw.  Just for fun, you can take your better half’s cutesy little blender and toss that sucker into this one.  Will it blend?

Buy: $275

Studio Kleefstra “Bettina” Ping Pong Ball Lamp

What do you get when you cross 315 ping pong balls and an incandescent light bulb? What sounds like a joke is actually the recipe for a stunning work of modern lighting by Studio Kleefstra in the Netherlands. The “Bettina” Ping Pong Ball Lamp is a cylindrical design of 7 rows of ping pong balls, aligned to form the shade of a modern lamp. The look is fascinating, the concept is as simple as it gets. Put those together, the result is a great progressive lamp for your living room, dining environment or office meeting room. Check out more iterations of the ping pong ball lighting concept from Studio Kleefstra at the buy link below.

Buy: $613.40



JBL Control NOW Speakers

When JBL speaks, the audience listens. The long-time manufacturer of professional live audio systems has a strong influence over consumer audio. Their latest release, the Control NOW indoor/outdoor systems, continue this trend. The Control NOW systems are designed to fit in a wide range of applications, employing a tubular 90 degree body that can fit in the corners of your room, between walls, floors and ceilings. From an acoustic perspective, this is fundamentally smart. Lower frequency sounds tend to accumulate and blur where walls meet– to counter this, the JBL Control NOW systems force sound in the opposite direction. The result is a crystal clear sonic reproduction with a versatile range of application. The Control NOW systems are built for both indoor and outdoor use, and they’re certainly worth considering for the audio environment in your home.