Falcon Northwest is going all out with a premium build-your-own desktop, featuring Intel’s new Core i7 processors. Opt for the fully-pimped “Bragging Rights” model and you’ll get a desktop tower adorned in flames, with window and case lighting in a variety of colors. As for the insides, the Mach V maxes out with a 3.2 GHz Intel i7 Extreme 965 processor, 12 GB of DDR3 RAM, dual ATI HD4870X2 DDR5 video cards with 2GB of RAM, and Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players. For storage, you get over a terabyte spread across four drives.

Here are some more numbers: The high-end of Falcon Northwest’s offerings costs $11,211.84, and that’s without a monitor, speakers, a mouse and keyboard. Of course, you can knock the costs down considerably with the Mach V’s “Budget” and “Bang for the Buck” models, but why bother? [Falcon Northwest via Engadget]