Cameras with brains. Seriously. RED’s recently spilled Epic and Scarlet cameras promise to provide a new level of customization and precise, clean imaging for both motion and still applications. You begin with the “brain”–the Scarlet Professional or the Epic Professional, which come in a vast range of image sizes and frame rates to meet any photog’s demands. From there, it’s all you–add the modules that you need to create the essence of photographical perfection–lense mounts, handles, remote control operation, recording modules, upgraded sensor modules–the list goes on and on, so we won’t. If one of your modules becomes outdated, simply upgrade that device without needing to purchase an entirely new camera. You can design your dream camera over and over again, and when your demands change so does your camera. Scarlet systems are set for tentative launch in Spring ’09. Buy-in begins at $2500. [dvice via RED]