Our next step in our Best of Modern Prefab series takes us to St. Paul, Minnesota, where Alchemy Architecture produces their own prefab, the WeeHouse. First time home buyers on a tight budget will be happy to learn just how accessible the WeeHouse is. The studio version, a 341 square foot mini-home, starts at $65k. On the high end, a 4-piece WeeHouse unit can run up to $319,000, allowing 2090 square feet of living space. The WeeHouse gets even more exciting between these two ranges, as clients can build their WeeHouse from a wide variety of modular modern designs. The WeeHouse pictured above is a 4-piece unit built in Minneapolis, MN. Check out the WeeHouse gallery for many, many more.

Buy: from $65,000

weeHouse weeHouse weeHouse