What is WebUrbanist.com?

In short: WebUrbanist is a collectively produced weblog about all things urban and, well, some things not so much. It is a place to stop by and learn about something entirely new … and hopefully a place to find inspiration as well as entertainment.

Why should people read WebUrbanist.com?

Come for the craziness, stay for the discussion! But really: I (not so humbly) think people should read it because we put a lot of interesting stuff – images, links and information – into every post. We post at most one article a day but work hard on every one to make it worth reading. I like to think that’s a kind of made-up niche we fill – and feedback from readers suggests that a lot of them really like that aspect of the site.

When did WebUrbanist launch?

WebUrbanist just turned one year old last month actually – hard to imagine it has been that long.

How did WebUrbanist begin?

It started out as primarily a subculture site and has morphed into a place where you can find all kinds of interesting stuff on design, travel, architecture and alternative art.

What are your future plans for WebUrbanist?

Right around the one year mark we started putting a lot of new plans into action including some ‘WebUrbanist 101′ articles to introduce new readers to core content. Next up: forums and galleries to provide more ways to interact with the site and with other readers.

What do you enjoy about working on WebUrbanist?

I think the best part about it is getting great feedback from fans. Other than that it is simply loads of fun to research and write about interesting stuff. Who wouldn’t love doing that?

What advice do you have for would be bloggers?

Try try and try again. WebUrbanist didn’t know what it was going to be when it started out. It grew and changed with the times and in response to reader feedback. You never know how a site will evolve when you start it but if you work hard enough and aren’t obsessed with instant fame or fortune it will eventually become what it needs to be. Cheesy but true.

Has collective blogging made your job easier or harder?

I really enjoy how collective blogging turns out to be when you really get into it. Some might disagree but in my experience serious and successful blogging means connecting with other people, supporting others and accepting support, becoming part of a larger online community. This interview is a great example of bloggers working together and sharing information. I really look forward to interacting more with readers and other bloggers as WebUrbanist develops forums and more methods for feedback and communication.

What are your favourite websites and why?

Among them are: Deputy Dog, DarkRoastedBlend, Neatorama and MentalFloss … though really the list could go on a lot longer than that. In part that is because each of those sites has a kind of similar attitude to WebUrbanist and in part people working on each of those sites have been invaluable in helping us grow – and we’d like to think we have been supportive in return. They are all well worth a read!

What gadgets can you not live without?

I think it is just my laptop, really. I’m an amazingly gadget-free person … though I have to say I might be finally about to cave and get an iPhone.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Kurt. GearCravers, keep an eye on WebUrbanist and grab their RSS feed. You’re always guaranteed a good read there… Here are five great articles to start with: