Looking for tech related design trends and tips? Look no further, check out the video below while reading about the Assault Rifle Chandelier:

You could buy a frou frou chandelier just like grandma had, or you could put your money on the motherf#4king machine gun of chandeliers.  This AR-15 Assault Rifle Chandelier was designed by artist Hans van Bentem for his Netherlands-based group Rock and Royal.  Rock and Royal designs custom-built chandeliers in shapes like the assault rifle above, a skull and crossbones, a lion and a penis.  Seriously, a penis

These chandeliers aren’t made of bullets or bones, they’re made from fine Bohemian crystal.  If you want to tell your house guests “I’m batshit crazy” without saying a word, there are plenty of options available from Rock and Royal.  Personally, I think the AR-15 chandelier is pretty damn sweet…

Buy: $TBD