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Save for the occasional friendship and slap bracelet, 1980s wrist-wear was defined by three big names: Casio, Swatch and FreeStyle. Since that decade of dayglo, FreeStyle watches have maintained a cult-like adoration from skaters, surfers and a whole range of counter-culture fashionistas. What started over 20 years ago is reaching its first resurgence: the classic Freestyle Shark watch is once again a hot ticket item. Our friends at FreeStyle USA reached out to GearCrave to get involved in a giveaway. As fans of the classic Shark watch, we happily obliged. Continue reading, GearCravers, to learn about the new 80s Shark watch and the full line of FreeStyle watches available to GearCrave readers.

The FreeStyle Shark Classic 80s Watch

freestyle USA shark

The classic 80s Shark watch comes in three color combinations at present– with more on the way very soon. As shown above, the 80s Shark is available in yellow, white/red and cyan. These polyurethane-banded digitals are depth rated to 100 meters, making them fully durable above and below water. These watches scream “retro”, just aching to fit themselves around your rather hip wrist.

Modern Freestyle Watches

freestyle watches

Aside from the 80s throwbacks, Freestyle has been actively designing some fresh new designs with modern appeal. As shown above, the Lopex World Class, C-Note and Lockdown watches are on the edge of the thick-band trends of today.

The Freestyle C-Note Watch

freestyle c-note watch

Your GearCrave editor’s favorite is the men’s C-Note watch. This watch is encased and banded with solid, stainless steel, rough and rugged for my own wrist (and seriously, the life of a blogger is rough and rugged, don’t let anybody fool you). The three-hand movement of the C-Note is depth rated to 50 meters, fitting the Freestyle characteristic of “performance friendly”. All that aside, it is the look of this watch that gets us. Shiny, metal-banded watches are on their way back, and we’re buying in early on getting ourselves one of these.

How to Win a FreeStyle Watch from GearCrave and FreeStyle USA

To qualify for a free FreeStyle Watch from FreeStyle USA, you must sign up, choose, and comment. Here’s how:

  • Sign up for the GearCrave email newsletter. (you can do so here, unless you’ve already signed up for a past giveaway)
  • Choose the watch you’d like to win on the FreeStyle USA website.
  • Comment on this page and include a link to the FreeStyle watch you would buy.

It’s that simple. We’ll leave the first comment as an example, just to clarify. Best of luck GearCravers, and thanks to FreeStyle USA for joining GearCrave in this great giveaway. This contest will end on Sunday, July 6th 2008 at 11:59p.m. Winners will be announced the next day. Best of luck, GearCravers!