goose island summertime

Continuing our focus on summer beers at GearCrave, we select Goose Island’s Summertime as our Beer of the Week.  Based in the city of Chicago, Goose Island has become one of the most recognizable domestic microbreweries in operation.  Their Honkers Ale, 312 Urban Wheat, India Pale Ale and Hex Nut Brown can be found in most liquor stores and supermarkets with any attention to domestic brews.  During this, the best of seasons, Goose Island’s summer ale “Summertime”, a German-style Kolsch beer, is produced and ready for warm weather consumption.  The Summertime beer tastes of citrus, wheat and honey, with a light flavor perfect to quench your thirst on a hot day.  Even though Goose Island may not be our favorite domestic brewery, we have to salute them on some of their recipes– the Summertime included.  On your next visit to the liquor store, we suggest trying this one out.  Let us know what you think in the comments!

Buy: $7/six