Funny, how we should celebrate the anniversary of a passing. Yet here is Vagrant Records, passing tribute to one their fallen heroes, Lawrence, KS-based indie outfit The Anniversary. The piano-fueled, male-female vocal tag team attack of the band faded out over four years ago with their break up (various members have since scattered throughout the Midwestern music scene in bands such as The Only Children), but their label is still capitalizing on their cult success with Devil on Our Side, a two-disc collection of just about anything the band recorded that didn’t make it onto their two records.

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The first disc is a 10-track collection of various B-sides from the Designing a Nervous Breakdown and Your Majesty sessions, while disc two packs another 10 tunes from various compilations, samplers and jam sessions. The Anniversary mixed indie-pop-punk with a fascination for the moog in 2000′s Breakdown, yet resurfaced two years later with a ’60s jam sound and fascination with 6-minute+ spaciness the Dead would be proud of. Devil will mesh those two genres with surprising ease. Rumors of a reunion are swirling, so sit tight.

Also this week…

Louisville twin sister duo The Watson Twins drops their long-awaited debut, Fire Songs. The twins supported Rilo Kiley frontwoman Jenny Lewis on her solo debut in 2006. The Watsons will co-headline club dates with Tim Fite in July.

The lineup for October’s Voodoo Music Experience has just been announced. This will definitely sell out, so get your tickets, which went on sale yesterday. The October 24-26 festival takes place in New Orleans’ City Park and features Nine Inch Nails, R.E.M., Death Cab for Cutie, Wyclef Jean, Panic at the Disco, Stone Temple Pilots and more.