James Bond Devil May Care

If you’ve ever wondered how the James Bond legacy has become so historic, so influential– look to the source of James Bond himself. The imagination of author Ian Fleming has birthed 36 James Bond novels and 22 films. The latest in the James Bond experience hit store shelves today: Devil May Care, by Sebastian Faulks as Ian Fleming.  Faulks’ homage to Fleming features all the classic elements of a James Bond novel: the women, the car chases, the gun battles, the gadgetry and the shaken martinis.  This time, Bond faces a fierce, wealthy villain who wishes to take the world to its knees through a string of savage political executions and a flood of drugs into the veins of the world.  Paired with a beautiful Parisian accomplice, Miss Scarlet Papava, James Bond is up against the greatest odds yet in saving not only the world, but himself…  This book is available today at Amazon.com, in commemoration of Ian Fleming’s 100th birthday.

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