original flag porter

Fans of stouts like Guinness and browns like Newcastle will want to take note of this week’s Beer of the Week. For the uninitiated, the Porter is an English-style beer with a flavor in between a stout and a brown ale– with the dark, dry flavors of chocolate like a stout, plus the malty sweetness and light fruit release of a brown. While the standard porter recipe was created nearly 300 years ago in England, similar recipes are growing quite strong in the US. Brewers like Sierra Nevada, Rogue, Bells and Flying Dog all brew excellent porters. Today, however, we’d like to share an English porter with such history that you can actually taste a beer brewed 200 years ago. Enter the Original Flag Porter by Darwin Brewery.

The Original Flag Porter is brewed with actual yeast from the 1820s. In 1825, a vessel sank in the English Channel while transporting barrels of classic English porter. In 1988, these barrels were raised to find that the beer was preserved and the yeast was still alive. Darwin Brewery got ahold of these barrels and used the yeast in a classic porter recipe from 1850. The result is a stunning, smooth English porter that has won awards and acclaim from beer lovers all over the world. If you can find it, buy it right away– these are going fast, as Darwin is rumored to have discontinued production due to a limited supply of the classic yeast.

Buy: ~$3.00/bottle