lasonic boombox

The mobile stereo, the “boombox”, the “ghettoblaster”– was as much a part of the 1980s as dayglo, greed and good hip hop. Fast forward to modern day, and the ghettoblaster is now a collectors item, sought after by a small subculture of vintage hip hop purists. While the ghettoblaster was a piece of technology that died with the boom of the Sony Walkman and Crack Cocaine, it has been reborn and updated to the iPod generation by the brilliant people at Lasonic. Their generically titled “High Performance Portable Music System” looks like the classic street boombox, but its design may have been a mistake. The Chinese designed Lasonic system is not intended to be a salute to vintage boomboxes, but an actual modern take on consumer audio. While it may have been a mistake that the designers were still stuck in the 80s, its no mistake that the Lasonic iPod BoomBox is ultracool, vintage ghettoblaster magic. If you’re a fan of classic hip hop, Lasonic just inadvertently designed your ultimate iPod dock. Represent.

Buy: $219