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Where sitcoms are becoming a thing of the past, “sit.comedies” are a growing trend on the web. Sure, you can catch new episodes of shows like “The Office” on– and many other broadcast networks are following suit. But then there are these new “sit.comedies”, low- to no-budget short-length shows focused around the stories of a comedic cast. Among our favorites is Why do we love it? Think “The Office” meets “Perfect Strangers”. GearCrave sat down with Amir Blumenfeld, 1/2 of and a regular star on the hilarious CollegeHumor web videos…

Part One:

For the GearCrave readers who may not already be aware, describe the hilarity that is JakeandAmir.

I can’t really say anything that will explain it better than any single video we make, but the basic premise is that Jake and Amir are two coworkers that sit right across from each other. Which is great for Amir, but horrible for Jake.

(Editor’s Note– we recommend starting with these two!)

Are there any similarities between your real life working relationship with Jake and the one in the show?

Yes in that we often slip into these characters. Sometimes I will play the “Jake” and Jake will be the “Amir,” and we will improvise until something really funny emerges. However, in real life I would say both of us respect the other. Not as much as Amir respects Jake, but more than Jake respects Amir.

What is your least favorite thing about Jake? Most favorite?

My most favorite is a tie between two things:

1) He perfectly understands the Amir and Jake characters. You can stereotype them and just say Jake is normal and Amir is weird but it’s more than that. Amir is based on so many little subtle things that Jake or I can’t really explain, but I know he understands it. And…

2) His dedication to J&A. We’ve had to come in before work, stay for five hours after work, and there are no complaints.

My least favorite thing about Jake is that sometimes when he gets drunk he is mean. So, you know, you take the good with the bad!

What three words would you use to describe Jake, and what three words would you use to describe yourself?

Jake: Funny, Enthusiastic, Friendly

Amir: Funny, Rational, Competitive

What or whom inspired your character as Amir on the show?

The character of Amir isn’t inspired by one person or one thing, it’s a combination of thousands of little things that insecure people do. I tend to notice these things more than most people do. Then we exaggerate them just a little for the sake of comedy.

Do you have a favorite JakeandAmir episode?

I don’t have one, but I really love the ones that CollegeHumor’s editor Dave Fishel gets to shoot and edit.

Sometimes we make Jake and Amir videos for, and Dave will shoot and edit them, and they always turn out so amazing. He’s not only insanely talented, but he has a great sense of humor, too. He’s perfect for them. “Sleeping Pills,” “Office Fantasy,” and “Bless You” come to mind.

Part Two: College Humor

Beyond your work on JakeAndAmir, your involvement with has become the stuff of legend. First question: What was it like producing 2 Girls 1 Cup?

It was fun. I had been on legit CHTV shoots before, but I never had more than a line or two. It’s crazy how professional we (CollegeHumor) are when it comes to our original videos. Producers, audio people, lights people, hired actresses, locations, catering… it’s the closest thing I’ve been to being a real actor on a real movie set. I was nervous because I didn’t wanna let every one down, but Sam Reich was a great director, let me take multiple takes of everything and guided the finish product into something that looked much better than I ever imagined.

What is a normal day like in the College Humor offices?

Everybody has a job. There are sales guys, programmers, and the editorial team. My job is to help find videos to put up on CollegeHumor, we need to find them, upload them, and caption them. We also come up with a couple videos every week to shoot in the office (which we call “Hardly Workings”) and various other stuff like coming up with shirt ideas for our sister company

Do you have a favorite College Humor original video?

If I had to choose one I would say Brohemian Rhapsody. The song is great, the video is great, and everybody from our office had a cameo or two.

You had an infamous prank war between yourself and your co-worker Streeter. Your Coup De Grace of the “Yankee Prankee” seemed to result in a cease fire. Can we expect more pranks between Andy Bloom and Streetie Bird?

It’s Streeter’s turn now, so I guess you’d have to ask Streetie Bird.

Was there a falling out between you and Streeter after any of these pranks?

No, we understand that all is fair in love and prank war.

Part Three: Lightning Round:

Mac, PC, or Linux?

Mac. My family has never owned any PC’s. Our first computer was an Apple IIc.

Sports car or Hybrid?

I don’t drive a lot anymore, but Hybrid.

Blondes or Brunettes?


Video games or the Great outdoors?

Where does Duckhunt land?

Elvis or the Beatles?


The Office UK or The Office US?

I stopped reading this question after “The Office UK” because nothing is better than that. I think it’s the best comedy ever. God it’s so good.

Novels or Biographies?


Myspace or Facebook?


MacGyver or Chuck Norris?

Not into either.

Ninja’s or Pirates?

(See above)

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Amir. GearCravers, you can see more Amir Blumenfeld at and