sam adams utopias

There are many beers that claim to be “extreme.” They’re packed with hops, full of wild yeasts and strong in flavor. But could it get any more extreme than Samuel Adams’ newest batch of Utopias? Released once a year, Utopias is Sam Adams founder Jim Koch’s favorite baby. He nurtures it, reads it bedtime stories and takes it for strolls around the brewery. The result: a noncarbonated, room temperature concoction that’s been brewing for over 13 years with a staggering 27 percent alcohol by volume. That’s about twice as much as most wines. You’re supposed to taste hints of vanilla, caramel and fine oak. As if we know what that means. One thing’s for sure: sip with caution, as this limited offering retails for over $125. It will be easier to find at Morton’s Steakhouses for $27 for two ounces. Expect even scarier prices on eBay.